Australasian Air Mails

This is a list of the articles I have written for various journals over the years regarding Australasian Air Mails.

Laura, Queensland coverBSAPV 27/81972 Nov51
Aerial Service / Completed. Sydney (Query)BSAPV 44/51989 Oct161
Aeroplane did not land at BlackallBSAPV 48/51993 Oct159
Crash Covers from US Forces in the Pacific WW1PacificaV 32/1261994 Jan11-12
Index to Australian Philatelic LiteratureBSAPV 21/101967 Jan99
Index to Australian Philatelic LiteratureBSAPV 21/111967 Feb106
Index to Australian Philatelic LiteratureBSAPV 21/71966 Oct70-71
Official Philatelic Publications concerning AustralasiaBSAPV 21/121967 Mar111
Perth-Derby Airmail ForgeryBSAPV 47/51992 Oct125-6
Postal MarkingsBSAPV 27/101973 Jan71-73
Qantas Inaugural Jet Flight Sydney-Mexico & returnBSAPV 21/71966 Oct56
Some Early Australian Air MailsBSAPV 45/61990 Dec169-174
Some Early Australian Air MailsBSAPV 46/11991 Feb5-11
Some Early Australian Air MailsBSAPV 46/31991 Jun66-72
Special Flight Cairns to Brisbane due to FloodsBSAPV 45/21990 Apr34
Sydney Forged Postmark (Reply to Query)BSAPV 45/21990 Apr35
The Port Moresby to Salamaua ServiceBSAPV 45/21990 Apr32-33
Various Crash CoversBSAPV 27/71972 Oct46-47
Various Crash CoversBSAPV 27/81972 Nov48
1914Melbourne to Sydney by ?Wizard Stone?BSAPV 45/41990 Aug109
1919 Sep 4First Tasmanian Air MailBSAPV 38/21983 Apr20-22
1920Parer and McIntosh Flight to AustraliaBSAPV 44/21989 Apr60-63
1929Double Impression 1929 3d AirmailBSAPV 37/41982 Oct25
1930Damaged when Landed at Darwin CachetBSAPV 59/52004 Oct133-4
1933 Jul 27Round the World Attempt ends on Irish BeachBSAPV 65/62010 Dec138-141
1933/34Combination Flight CardACCV 7/81972 Dec55-58
1933/34Combination Flight CardACCV 7/111973 Mar89
1933/34Combination Flight CardBSAPV 27/91972 Dec63-67
1933/34Combination Flight CardBSAPV 28/21973 May13-14
1933/34Combination Flight CardKiwiV 21/61972 Nov149-153
1934Royal FlightBSAPV 27/111973 Feb78
1934Royal FlightBSAPV 27/81972 Nov53-54
1935 DecEmergency Air Mails between Adelaide and Kangaroo IslandBSAPV 59/42004 Aug74-75
1942Re-Use of 1934 Flight Cover in 1942BSAPV 45/51990 Oct117
1982 Nov 22Lonely Death of Famous Aviator (Jean Batten)BSAPV 42/61987 Dec154-155

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