1866  Mail Robbery by Bushranger in Queensland


OHMS envelope franked with four 1865 2d blue stamps tied with 152 barred oval hand-stamps

Printed ELECTRIC TELEGRAPH STATION at the lower left with manuscript Taroom 11th Jany 1866

Pencil: Recovered from robbed mail. Taroon. 1866. R H Watt.

Torn open by a literate Alexander McPherson, Bushranger, although endorsed: Vouchers


Date-stamp TAROOM JA11 1866 QUEENSLAND; manuscript Recovered from robbed mail from Taroom 12th inst 

One of Three Recorded Bushranger ‘Robbery’ Covers


Taroom Post Office opened 25 March 1856

Taroom Telegraph Office opened on 29 December 1865, two weeks before the robbery


107-mile weekly Condamine and Taroom Service operated by a mounted mailman with a packhorse. Left Taroom at 0600 on Friday and arrived at Condamine at 1800 on Saturday

Mailman left Taroom 0600 on Friday 12 January with this letter

Held up by Alexander McPherson, Bushranger, 30 miles south of Taroom, on 12 January 1866

The Only Recorded Cover from an actual Robbery by an Armed Bushranger

Two other items dated 1851 and 1856, both from Victoria, are considered to be survivors of robberies by Bushrangers.

It was subsequently established that they are both the product of collusion between the mailman and an accomplice.

There was no armed hold up in these two incidents.

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